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About us

AC Advisory & Consulting SRL, created in 2020, is a firm focusing on advisory & consulting services in finance & IT (short and long term mission, on a freelance basis). The managing director, Ariel CUKIER, has got the following academic background: Master in Economics (2008) + M.B.A. (2014). He has got +10 years of experience in diverse cross-sector industries: food, retail, real estate & banking and speaks 4 languages (French/English/Dutch/Hebrew). Ariel has lived, worked or/and studied in 4 countries (France, Belgium, Denmark & Israël). Its core competencies are:

  • performance management
  • business analysis
  • budgeting/forecasting
  • financial control
  • cost management
  • project management

Clients: Delhaize, Ferrero, Sony, BNP Paribas Fortis & Brussels Airport Company.

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Advisory services

In this world constantly changing and going more and more digital, we believe that all aspects of an organisation's activity have to clearly align with its vision, purpose & strategic goals. As a result, the services offered are focused on developing & implementing strategies that create synergies between people, processes and systems as well as to improve efficiency. As a result, the advisory services are focused on business transformation services/business analysis:

  • Review the current situation (provide an independent assessment of the company's current position)

  • Formulate a comprehensive new strategy for the short, medium and long -term. This means consolidating strengths, improving inefficiencies, fixing gaps and capitalising on potential opportunities.

  • The final step involves turning strategy into action : planning, implementing & creating lasting change throughout the business.

Consulting services

The consulting services mainly focus on “filling the gap” and fulfills your need as an organization of a competent individual that will quickly adapt to your environment & team and be operational as soon as possible. Thanks to the experience gained in different roles and different environments, we can provide rapid short and medium term placements to temporarily fill unexpected vacancies or skill sets, particularly in finance This can be for short term missions (a few months) or can be for a longer period (a few years) in position such as:

  • Financial controller: budgeting, forecasting, closing analysis, cost management, …

  • Business analyst: review business cases (especially real estate), business control (cost, revenues), P&L analysis, cost management, ...

  • IT Business analysis: review business needs, discuss with the different stakeholders, process improvement, …

  • Performance manager: cost control, closing analysis, review budget/forecast, closing analysis, …

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